LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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43. Leader Of The Pack

The transformation process was a success. I could tell by the 50 light outlined figures standing in front of ME. The littlest one was still dancing…I waited a few moments then told her to stop. Jolie looked up at ME wondering how I could talk to her. She stopped dancing then looked around at the 49 replicas of ME. With the exception of the red circle on MY chest that represented the Lite, all of the other members of MY new army looked just like ME. It was an amazing site.

“It looks like the Nano-Tagging is working.” I agreed with the Lite. This was the reason Jolie and any of the other transformed humans could hear ME. During the transformation process a special “Nano Tag” was inserted into the brain area of each human. This served two purposes. First it allowed ME to communicate mentally without having to use the Lite Papr most of the time and secondly it indiviually “Identi-Tagged” them so that each transformed human had his or her own identification number…so to speak. While the women did still have a female figure, with their capes down around their bodies you couldn’t tell one human from another. With the exception of the littlest one.

Now that the transformation process was complete I wanted to give a name to MY army. This was an exceptional group of beings with the ability to wield considerable power. They had unique physical capabilities, were extremely intelligent and had a spiritual thread that would be their main link in the end process of the journey. They were the compilation of MYSELF and the Lite. They were the….. “Elite.”

Trying to control 50 of the Elite at one time would be somewhat challenging so I decided to select 5 leaders that would each be responsible for 9 of the Elite. The leader plus 9 would constitute a pack of 10. This hirearchy would help in directing the Elite in the field especially if we got separated. Each leader could get the same instructions from ME or individual instructions depending upon the circumstances. In either case it was tactically the best way to control the Elite.

The Nano-Tagging identification process also allowed ME to attach a name to each Tag. I realized that with the exception of Bill, Nora, Stan and Jolie, I did not know the names of the other Elilte. I asked the group to give me their names. As they did a Nano-Tag number connected to a name was imprinted on MY own Nano material. At the same time their number  briefly flashed on their chest areas. The names and associated Tag’s came to ME quickly as the Elite all responded at the same time.

I needed 5. I selected both Bill and Nora as leaders. They were the first I selected for MY army when I came to their planet…It was fitting. The other three leaders were Steve, one of the uniformed 8 that I collected early on. Jill, one of the college students and …….Stan. They all had the same capabilites so what could go wrong with using Stan as a leader?

I had each of the female leaders, Nora and Jill select 9 females each…but not Jolie. That left 5 females. I had Bill take 3 and Stan take two, including Jolie. I wanted her with him. Stan, Bill and Steve then each selected the remaining 22 men with only Steve’s pack to be all male. I had a special task for this pack.

I lined up the 5 packs of Elite with each leader in front and the rest standing behind each other. Stan had Jolie right behind him. I remembered that Jolie had started to ask ME something when I told her to stop dancing. I looked in here direction and said, ” what did you want to say to ME earlier, Jolie?” She stood out from behind Stan and said, “what is this red circle on my chest?”



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