LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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68. The Signs Of The Prophets Were Written On The Tenement Walls

That Bill and Stan knew the little one would eventually find the Guides again was not an issue. What concerned them both was how she knew where they were. The combined power of the Entity and his Lite could not do what Jolie had done…and hopefully was about to do again. That she could hear what everyone was thinking was also very disturbing.

The Holy Men were being guarded by four of Bill’s Elite pack and the three men were very nervous but also slightly in awe of what had just taken place. Being transformed then literally flown to Mecca from Jerusalem had convinced them the Entity and his Elite, as they called themselves, may actually have the true story of the birth of their religion. It was both frightening and exhilarating at the same time. That the three of them could be instrumental in changing the doctrine of their religion…all religions….was almost empowering.  The three Holy Men were now contemplating how they would convince the Spiritual Guides to understand the uniqueness of this opportunity.

Jolie was listening to the Holy Men. “These three have seemed to change their minds about helping us.” She directed her thoughts at the Lite. The Lite responded. “They are more likely now to accept the other information that we have not shown them which they did not get from the Entity. But we need to have the Spiritual Guides here so they can get the information at the same time. Otherwise it may not work.” Jolie thought for a while. “Do you think they will accept the teachings of this third religion?”

Bill and Stan left the four Elite with the Holy Men and set out to find the Spiritual Guides again. Bill took the rest of his pack and started out toward the location where the majority of the human soldiers were located. Bill split up his Elite pack. He sent five of them to an area just outside the perimeter of the heavily guarded area of Mecca. Jolie would lead the other four including Stan himself.

The Elite made themselves Reflective before leaving the safety of the dunes. Bill’s pack made their way down toward the high wall surrounding this section of Mecca. As they approached the large, mostly white brick and mortar wall they noticed some writings and drawings some sections near a gated entrance. It was dark again so the only light they had was from the full moon. The words were written in Arabic and somewhat scribbled so it was difficult to read them….but the drawings were easy to make out.

The entire world knew about the Entity and the Elite. Their attempt to alter the sacred religious history of this culture was met with a religious ferver unlike anything ever seen before. The Spiritual Guides had told their story to anyone and everyone who would listen. The hatred for the foreign invaders was expressed in the drawings on the wall.


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