LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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Category: Chapters 70-79

Getting back…without the Lite. Finding the rip or making a new one….without the Lite. MY form has undergone many new physical and nano based modifications since I first entered this planet. Is it possible I can do this by MYSELF? “I don’t think so.” MY head snapped toward the little one. …thinking of a response. […]

Stan’s comment about not hurting or killing any more humans was shared by the rest of MY Elite. However, the process of forcing the Lite’s Luminescence on the humans was a bad play no matter how you looked at it. The humans had recovered, at least those still alive after the Lite Ring armageddon, and […]

Knowing that Jolie could hear all our thoughts I decided to respond to Stan’s comment….something I should have done sooner. But whatever I say must resonate with the little one as well as with the Elite. I believed the power of her Lite was more powerful, in some ways than MY Lite, and I felt […]

Liteworld….I felt alone again without MY Lite…it was like being back home; drifting from nowhere to nowhere. The rush of activity in the past day gave me no time to think about not being able to ask the Lite questions or have it make MY decisions. Make MY decisions…did the Lite actually direct me in […]

“Jolie?” I tried to get the little one’s attention while trying to quickly move back in between her and the six stunned humans hoping she wouldn’t blast me away again. “I am finished,” she looked up at ME as the form vanished from her cape. I was well aware that this conflicting information fed to […]

This could not be good. Even though I knew the little one’s Lite may have another agenda, having a joint presentation would at least provide ME and MY Lite the opportunity to either counter anything¬† different that she would show the Holy Men and Guides or try to block her part of the presentation. Based […]

The journey from Jerusalem to Mecca was short and without incident. The three Elite packs were just behind ME when I spotted Jolie’s Lite at the end of one section of Mecca, inside the walls where all of the humans were now floating in the air. “She and her Lite have some very strong powers […]

Terrified, the dogs were barking, yelping and clawing at the air like they were drowning in water. The animals were not alone. All of the humans, citizen and soldier alike were dancing in the air and not just those closest to the little one. For as far as Stan and Bill could see the entire […]

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