LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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Category: Chapters 20-29

Having the Lite project its words on MY black cape makes ME stand out like an illuminated sign with or without the light from this sun. If I am going to travel a any distance  at all Lite, I will need to minimize MY exposure to the humans. “How soon we forget. You can make YOURSELF […]

It had been a while since I had one of those comfortable feelings. And looking at this situation with the two soon to be selected humans, that issue wasn’t going to change. It seems that MY reliance on the Lite for answers to every question was coming to an end as it seems the Lite has […]

Looking at Bill and Nora made me a little uncomfortable. I could see in their eyes that they were confused by what I had just done to them but they were alert and hopefully willing to follow MY instructions. I was wondering how this new Lite Ring tool was going to work when the Lite wrote, […]

The comment by the Lite regarding my “control” capabilities with MY new, army of two, zombie soldiers was not encouraging. I suppose I could give them instructions that would tell them to stop moving  and hide or take cover when I become reflective.  That would really limit our movement as being invisible was a huge […]

Leaving Stan “the Man” in his non-zombie state had its advantages. He was more responsive to his immediate surroundings and could help Bill and Nora take evasive action when I was in MY reflective state. The only problem was he talked continuously. “Hey!” Stan was looking at ME and shouting…again. “Do you have a name? […]

Fortunately Stan was looking at ME when I projected MY instructions on the Lite Papr for him to come to ME. “Hey boss, what do you want?” As Stan came closer I instructed him to stand a short distance in front of ME. I had not thought much about how this new tool or device […]

It was strange walking along looking at four of ME and knowing one of them was Stan. As I looked down on MY cape the Lite was reminding ME that once we returned to LiteWorld with our small army of humans, this current ensemble would be duplicated 50 times. In essence the Lite Dance would […]

It was strange looking at Stan, Bill and Nora and seeing three more of ME as we walked further into the city. The Lite told me we needed to start collecting more humans for our army sooner rather than later so I decided to speed up the process by taking two humans at at time. Specifically […]

The humans in the vehicles with the flashing lights got closer fast as we made our way into an open door in the building adjacent to the one we were mimicing. I made sure MY army of five was safely out of sight before I peered out the doorway. I could have just changed us to […]

I looked at Stan, the eight humans on the floor and the other police and uniformed humans coming down the street toward the building all at the same time. At first I didn’t understand Stan’s comment about the men on the floor “not sleeping.”  The sudden realization that I might have hit them too hard made me stop. […]

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