LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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Category: Chapters 30-39

We walked back to the Black Swans’ maintenance building.  As I directed the four older humans to enter the building door I could hear Stan counting..46,47,48,49. “Hey boss. You are still short one.” I entered with Jolie in tow.  Stan looked down, eyes wide open, and pointing. “50,” I wrote on MY cape. “And she […]

Five….that’s all I needed to complete MY Army. Three females and two males, then we could go back to LiteWorld. For all this planet has to offer it doesn’t provide the same comfort as the dark void of MY home. Yet, taking the 50 humans back there for the “transformation” and then returning here seems the […]

MY first thought was that somehow the soliders could see ME… because a group of males and females walking together shouldn’t be unusual? But they didn’t run toward me. They ran toward MY humans. Either the uniformed humans had identified people in this trance-like state to be associated with ME…or they were just plain lucky. […]

It took a long time to explain to the humans the reason for taking them and the ultimate journey they were about to undertake. I had to produce the words on the Lite Papr slowly so everyone could comprehend the significance of what was happening. Of the twenty one humans….  should have been twenty two…. I […]

We headed back to Black Swans with the newly acquired females. Stan was very quiet as he drove our tractor trailer with the deuce interior. The Lite, which had been silent for some time, was back. “I mentioned this journey would not be without some difficulties,” he thought. I was still in the mimic protective […]

Hopefully Stan paid attention to the directions I gave him because I needed as much space between MYSELF and the uniformed humans as possible. If he wasn’t where he was supposed to be, we could have a problem. I saw the low, long row of older buildings with the lights from our vehicle coming up on MY left. […]

“Get this vehicle moving, Stan,” I wrote on MY cape. Stan had that look of fear in his eyes when he turned his head from the drivers seat to ask ME, “where do you want to go?” We needed to go someplace where we could hide the army and make a semi-permanent base of operations. […]

I had used the energy of the Lite Ring a number of times in the dark. With no sun for power I hoped the Lite Ring would work one more time…to open the gates. “There have been some significant additions that extend your power source.” The letters quickly formed on MY cape. “You now have […]

“Boss?” I turned to look  at Stan and saw eight uniformed humans walking toward me. When I brought them closer to their human selves their instincts must have kicked in. Stan moved quickly to get in front of the advancing group just as I was getting ready to hit them with the Lite Ring again. “Move […]

As the six females followed Stan and MYSELF down the hill back to the vehicle I noticed the truck was being illuminated by a light source. I knew we didn’t leave it near any lights plus I hoped the tractor trailer mimic trick would would be a good decoy. Then I heard that now too […]

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