LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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Category: Chapters 40-49

It was finally getting dark and our trek along the winding roads of Mecca should be easier as the human hunters now have to work against three challenges; the Elite being reflective, the very narrow roads and the darkness. Moving silently in a single line, we stayed close to the stone houses that lined the […]

Even though Stan was happy with Jolie’s new-found capabilities, I sensed that the other Elite were not as hero stricken. There seemed to be some tension between the other Elite and Jolie. Perhaps it was the red circle of Lite only she and I carried or her “silent killing” capabilities. In either case,I had more […]

Once the armed humans realized what was happening they raised their weapons and began firing in the direction from which their dogs were returning. The Elite, responding to my initial command, were already moving to the right of the human soldiers. I wanted to avoid using the Lite Ring and instructed MY Elite Captains not […]

The dogs were running across the hot sand towards us. The fact that they released the animals told ME they had seen the light rip and somehow calculated where we would land. The interesting thing about being reflective was all of us Elite could see each other, but the humans could not. I watched as […]

It was time to put the “return to earth” plan in play. The five captains had instructed their packs about our destination once we re-entered through the light rip. The Elite had been spending most of their time understanding their unique capabilities…their ability to work as a single entity, in packs or as a whole, while […]

How did I not see that…red circle? The relationship between MYSELF and the Lite was supposed to be singularly symbiotic. “She is special,” the Lite responded. Jolie looked at ME and flashed what looked like a smile across her cape because……because she could hear the Lite too! “She may have been the last to join the […]

The transformation process was a success. I could tell by the 50 light outlined figures standing in front of ME. The littlest one was still dancing…I waited a few moments then told her to stop. Jolie looked up at ME wondering how I could talk to her. She stopped dancing then looked around at the 49 replicas […]

The process we were about to perform, The Lite Dance, had only been briefly described to ME by the Lite. I knew  it would transform the humans, forever. It would give ME the army…MY army…that I would need to complete the journey and the humans would have powers and abilities beyond their imaginations. Coupling their new […]

Black….the impact of total darkness was astonishing. The light rip had all but disappeared and just a razor thin line of light cut through the darkness. Even though this was MY world and home for however long ago, the total and absolute blackness of LiteWorld engulfed you. The Lite was providing some illumination from MY […]

It was time to move. With the collection of MY army complete it was time to start the next phase of the journey….getting back to LiteWorld. Fitting the fifty humans and MYSELF into the vehicle would be difficult. Stan and Jolie would be up front with ME and the other forty eight would be crammed […]

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