LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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18. The Measure of The Depth Can Be Deceiving

The Lite Ring and the ability to make MYSELF…invisible continued to amaze ME. I needed to know more about controlling these abilities as I realized that seeing ME, or in this case, not seeing ME was one of the reasons our three visitors were still not moving. Their reaction to ME and the Lite was of some concern. If we are to continue on with our journey we will run into more humans and gaining any assistance from them will be a challenge if we….are you listening Lite?……don’t find a  better way to communicate.

“I understand….. first, the Lite Ring like the Lite Papr requires very little power. The energy from this planet’s sun is a great power source and although I require the sun to boost the performance of the Lite Ring, I can store enough power for most challenges that occur during the dark period.  Second, regarding our human friends, yes, perhaps I was a little to quick to react but I didn’t expect that reaction to YOU.”  I guess you didn’t think that making them immobile would upset them….did you? “I have to admit my previous contact with the humans was not in this present form we share so I misjudged their ability to look at you as a unique being rather than an enemy.”

“As YOU have been told before, your entire body is coated with a material that acts as a…. foundation so to speak. This ultra thin layer is an advanced type of nanotechnology  that can be controlled by electrial impluses. The Lite Papr is part carbon nanotube layerd with organic electroluminesence material. This highly advanced material is very flexible and can be controlled to make you seem invsible as well as produce words, pictures or images. And it can do it at blinding speeds….which is how the Lite Ring is produced.”

The Lite Ring has a very unusual effect on the humans, I thought. Blasting holes in the fabric of LiteWorld and freezing humans in place tells me the Lite Ring has a wide range of capabilities. “It can do many things, and the best part is we …..YOU can manipulate it to do almost anything you want it to do. And YOU will need to use every bit of this technology to ensure we complete our journey.”

My guess is once the humans return to their normal state they will tell other humans about ME..won’t they Lite? “I know they will. This  is why we will have to be more careful about the time of day and the routes we travel to get to our destination. However, remember I told YOU we will need to get some assistance from a select group of the humans to have any chance of completing our journey.” So let me understand this situation. I need to get a group of these humans, who are probably going to be hunting us down, to help me complete this…..journey. Is that correct? “Yes, it is. Oh, and there is one other thing.” What  is it?…….”In order to be of any assistance to us, YOU will have to take them back to LiteWorld.”


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Don Musilli started his journey as entrepreneur and businessman. Surveyed the sky above as a private pilot and lived in the sea below as a scuba diver. Looked at the future through the words of Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, Herbert and Ellison. Learned a new way to write technical blogs and make them readable… and then created LiteWorld to extend his journey.

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