LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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51. Grim Intimation Of What Is To Be

Jolie finding one of the guides was great. Putting him into a sleep state where we now had to carry him was not good. The sleep state, like the zombie state, lasted about 12 hours. We would have to use the Lite Wrapping and make the guide reflective before we carried him otherwise it would give the impression of the guide floating as he was being carried.

The other three Elite packs were still searching their respective areas for the guides. The Lite had mentioned the presence of three guides and thought more than likely they would be traveling together for protection and companionship. “Jolie has a unique sense for locating the guides.” The Lite was probably right. Jolie had some unusual traits. Perhaps being tuned into the spiritual side of people was one of them.

Four of Stan’s Elite pack were carrying the now reflective guide.  Both packs were moving quickly away from the armed hordes of men on horse back that were coming toward us with their weapons pointed in all directions. If they followed the same random firing pattern as their other country men,  we would have to defend ourselves…and doing so would give away our position. I directed both packs toward a row of stone buildings to our left. There were more people there but at least they weren’t armed and the buildings would provide some protection and a hiding place.

As we reached the buildings I noticed the horses had stopped in their tracks. Obviously some of the riders were not prepared as many of them were propelled forward off their horse onto the sand. I knew from the dog incident that our powers had no affect on animals, only humans…so what made the horses stop?…… “Jolie,” I thought.

With the humans distracted by the horse challenge the Elite moved to a courtyard area behind some of the stone buildings. It was bordered on three sides and provided a temporary shelter. The four Elite carrying the guide came in last along with Jolie, Stan and two stunned humans. “Two more guides,” Jolie said with a tone of accomplishment. Stan said,” I don’t know how she does it?” I agreed with him. The rest of the Elite were just as puzzled and perhaps a little jealous. It didn’t matter….we needed to talk to the guides now.

Bringing the two slightly stunned guides back to a point where we could communicate with them was simple. The third sleeping guide would have to wait. We used the nano imprint to allow the guides to communicate mentally. It was invasive but more effective than using text on the LitePapr.

The Lite made the first mental contact. He explained his origin and history of the birth of their religion and began to elaborate on the teachings of Mohammed that were never included in the Qur’an.  The Lite stopped for a few moments to let the guides absorb the new information. The guides looked at each other and then put their hands over their ears, fell to the ground and started screaming  and then pointed toward the sky. The response was not totally unexpected. After all we were trying to change thousands of years of religious history and way of life.


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