LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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56. Army of Freedom, Army of The Lite

Heading northwest toward Jerusalem the fifty Elite and MYSELF carried the burden of finding the Holy Men and doing something we failed to do in Mecca…change someones mind. Perhaps we under estimated the influential power of our presence. The humans seemed to react so emotionally to other human outsiders who did not share the same ideas, religion or color….yet they would often, over time, accept them into their communities. Maybe accept was the wrong word. More like tolerated. Humans would adapt only to the point of unwarranted fear.

The sun was coming up and the terrain was now mostly rock and sand with a few small wooded areas. We were all in the reflective mode now as we would be easily spotted from any of the human flying machines with our black figures against the white sand. I was sure the Arabian soldiers would continue to pursue us. To make sure we saw them before they found us I had the Elite expand the distance between each pack. Stan’s pack flanked one side and Bill’s the other.

According to the Lite, Jerusalem was a city in conflict. Occupied by one religious group but claimed by another….basically the Spiritual Guides against the Holy Men. Both claiming it as a foundation for their beliefs, but neither willing to openly share. The irony is that more humans were killed because of these conflicting beliefs than the souls they were supposed to save. Which is why our journey and the messages the Lite was carrying were so important. “I hear a barking noise.” Jolie said to ME…. Unfortunately she was correct.

“It is interesting that these small animals or dogs can sense our presence. Obviously,” the Lite continued, “the Arabian soldiers learned this from our previous meeting outside of Mecca. I am at a loss as to how they can identify us in the reflective mode?” I was about to add MY comments when the little one said, “They can hear us. The dogs can hear sounds that the humans can’t hear. This special stuff we have in our capes must attract them.” Jolie was referring to the nanomaterials and the Lite Papr. If she was right she knew something the Lite didn’t know…. How could that be?

The dogs were not far…for some reason the dogs went to the inside of the Elite packs  running past the outside packs. The dogs headed straight for Jills’ pack. The Elite immediately raised their capes and were prepared to use their Lite Rings to stop the animals. Again, this would immediately identify their location and this time I was fairly sure the soldiers were prepared to fire their weapons at anything.  More dogs appeared from the opposite side of the first group…barking and running at full speed. Now a large contingent of soldiers on foot and on horse back were coming following the dogs from a short distance away. I wasn’t sure if the dogs would stop short of the Elite or actually attack them….but I wasn’t going to wait and find out.

I was just about to order the Elite to stop the dogs with their Lite Rings and be prepared to fend off the soldiers when there was a bright red glow that illuminated the entire area. The red burned through the bright sun light casting a red-yellow light. The dogs stopped and fell to the ground followed immediately by the soldiers and horses. The flying machines  fell out of the sky to the red-yellow sand below. The red glow dimmed and faded away. I looked for the source before it was totally gone and saw the little one at the back of Stan’s pack holding her cape out wide.


About the Author

Don Musilli started his journey as entrepreneur and businessman. Surveyed the sky above as a private pilot and lived in the sea below as a scuba diver. Looked at the future through the words of Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, Herbert and Ellison. Learned a new way to write technical blogs and make them readable… and then created LiteWorld to extend his journey.

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