LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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58. Vapor Trail

Dogs. What was the significance of them being the only animal species on this planet that could detect us no matter how we were cloaked? The little one had the best chance of finding the Holy Men and she could defend herself…that was evident from the human debris still laying in the sand. There were 50 of us, not including MYSELF, and separating and searching in fifty different locations seemed the best search strategy. It would be better if the other 49 Elite could share some of Jolie’s Lite driven instincts in locating these religious figures and maybe some of her “enemy stop and drop” capabilities as well.

Jolie heard MY thoughts. “I don’t know if I can share my stuff with you and the other Elite. I just think about what I want to happen….and it happens. Maybe your Lite can show me how to do it.” I waited to see if MY Lite, as Jolie called it, had a response to her question. “I am a little confused as to why her Lite, if it is the Lite, allows her to search out select humans.” MY Lite finally responded. “It may be that her Nanomaterials and LitePapr are more advanced allowing her to  “tune in” to certain metabolic markers. I can’t seem to communicate with her Lite..and I don’t know why.”

This really didn’t answer MY question and without the ability to share Jolie’s search methods with the other Elite the task would be more difficult. I commanded the Elite to move out and again head toward Jerusalem. Not really knowing where the Holy Men would be hiding I instructed the five Elite groups to spread out in five different directions as we approached the area outside Jerusalem. Two would go Northwest and two would go Northeast with Stan’s pack and Jolie going directly North into the center of Jerusalem. Again, not really knowing who we were looking for made it more difficult.  Our best chance was with Jolie…I just hoped I guessed correctly in making her search in the center of the city.

We came over a small rise in the desert sand and sitting down below was the faint outline of what we presumed was Jerusalem. Even from here we could see a large number of flying machines and large groups of human soldiers searching the perimeter of the city. Some of the soldiers had four legged animals…dogs…in front of their packs. This was not going to be easy. “I think I see some of the men we are looking for behind that group of soldiers right in front of us.”  I thought, Jolie made contact again. “But they are moving very fast to the left. Do you want me to go check it out?”

How could the little one see that far away? Did she mean she could sense them? Do I send Stan’s pack along with her or let her go by herself? “I think I can find them by myself like I did the last time and I promise not to hurt anyone too much.” That statement alone made me realize that Jolie was truly independent but that she also had no idea of the repercussions of her actions. Using our powers against the humans would make the negotiations with the Holy Men more difficult…the relations with the Spiritual Guides taught us that lesson. “Jolie,” I thought, ” let’s wait until we get closer to the city.”

“Okay, but I think you are making a mistake.”



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