LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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65. Canis

Some of the Elite would have to go back to Mecca, locate the Spiritual Guides, change their minds and then somehow get them to meet up with the Holy Men and the rest of our group. The question now was who do I select for this mission and when do we leave? The sounds outside the door answered the second part of the question. The barking noise by the dogs told me they were close. I looked at Jolie who was already heading toward the double doors knowing that she heard my thoughts and remembering what she did the last time we had to encounter the dogs.

“Whatever you do, little one, make sure we can get all the Elite as well as the Holy Men out of this building and into the desert before we are spotted.” Jolie turned toward ME and acknowledged the comments by spelling the word “yes” on her cape rather than just by a mental connection. The rest of the Elite were looking at her as well. Were they able to connect with ME in the same way I connect with Jolie or….is Jolie allowing the Elite to listen in on our private communications?

The realization that it was Jolie who was feeding my thoughts to the rest of the Elite came a moment after she opened the double doors, moved out into the street, opened her cape and completed MY request. I quickly followed behind her. The street in both directions was dogs, no humans, nothing. “I don’t think anyone will follow us now,” Jolie was looking up and down the street waving her arms in either direction to indicate her job was done. This was not what I wanted but it was time to move.

I was making preparations to have the five pack leaders gather their Elite when Stan came over. “Boss. I think our little red dotted lady here has her own agenda. For the past few hours all of us have been able to listen in on YOUR  thought conversation with Jolie. I think we all found the history demonstration for the Holy Men interesting, and she did a good job with that. But, we also knew YOUR wishes regarding the additional taking of lives….and obviously that was not the case..again.”

I took a few moments to think about what Stan had just said. The journey…our journey was coming to an end. Even though I and MY Lite have some unique powers, I find something quietly disturbing about her Lite. It could be that  the success or failure of this process may ultimately depend upon the little one. “Stan,” I forgot he was  standing there, ” take a look at this.”

I bent down on the sand covered street and drew some words with MY hand……SHE IS LISTENING.


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Don Musilli started his journey as entrepreneur and businessman. Surveyed the sky above as a private pilot and lived in the sea below as a scuba diver. Looked at the future through the words of Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, Herbert and Ellison. Learned a new way to write technical blogs and make them readable… and then created LiteWorld to extend his journey.

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