LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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75. The Walking Dead

Knowing that Jolie could hear all our thoughts I decided to respond to Stan’s comment….something I should have done sooner. But whatever I say must resonate with the little one as well as with the Elite. I believed the power of her Lite was more powerful, in some ways than MY Lite, and I felt that she had only minimal control over it as well. With that in mind my plan for what I would say in response to Stan’s comment must connect with Jolie and her little red friend.

¬†“For all of you the journey to be at this place at this time has been controlled by MYSELF and the Lite…MY Lite. That Lite is no longer with us, but I am. Our mission is still the same even though one of our Elite and its Luminescence Form have other plans. The original plan never included destroying the humans and their property. The fact that the opposite is true is of great concern to ME and the mission to alter the religious historical reality in the minds of the humans of this planet is essential to save the planet you Elite call home. Even though Jolie’s Lite seems to be more powerful, we are constantly evolving and the nanomaterials are giving us more abilities. And we will need those new tools because it looks like you, the Elite, and I will be fighting two forces. Jolie’s Lite and the humans.”

I wanted to give more details to the Elite about MY plan but I really wanted to see if Jolie was going to add something to the conversation. But the first person to join in was Stan…again. “Boss…how do you plan on getting back on the good side…as if we ever were…of the humans? The leaders of this planet will use any and all of their weapon technology to hunt us down and destroy us. Even if we could somehow convince the religious leaders to agree with us there is no guarantee that anyone will listen to them.” Stan was correct. There was little hope that the six religious leaders could help us now. There was only one way to get the humans to stop hating and hunting us long enough for ME to get them to listen. I knew now what I had to do and a big part of the plan did not include the Elite.

Jolie, who had been silent during this time, came back into the conversation. “My Lite is not interested in getting back on anyone’s side. Luminescence is the only religion they will worship…it is part of the Form’s ¬†universal plan. You and the other Elite still have time to join with him. My Lite wants you to understand that the humans on this planet have just two choices….surrender to Luminescence or surrender their lives.”

It was time to go back home…to LiteWorld…that is where I was joined by the is where this journey started.


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Don Musilli started his journey as entrepreneur and businessman. Surveyed the sky above as a private pilot and lived in the sea below as a scuba diver. Looked at the future through the words of Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, Herbert and Ellison. Learned a new way to write technical blogs and make them readable… and then created LiteWorld to extend his journey.

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