LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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22. Dimly Aware Of A Certain Unease In The Air

Looking at Bill and Nora made me a little uncomfortable. I could see in their eyes that they were confused by what I had just done to them but they were alert and hopefully willing to follow MY instructions. I was wondering how this new Lite Ring tool was going to work when the Lite wrote, “You are probably wondering how you are going to control not just these two new soldiers but a group of 50 at one time?”  “Yeah, well that did cross MY mind.” The Lite wrote in big bright letters, “It’s easier than you think.”

“When you used the Lite Ring to stun or Lite Capture the two humans as I like to call it, you injected them with a small amount of Nano material from your covering that, in essence, makes them a part of you. Just like your thoughts control the writing on the Lite Papr, you control their thoughts and actions as well.” I considered what the Lite wrote and thought, ” Do I have to concentrate on controllng them all the time and is this Nano material harmful to the humans?”…..The Lite took some time to respond. “Just tell them, through the Lite Papr, to follow you and move when you move….and yes,  the Nano material can kill as easily as control…so be careful.”

Bill and Nora matched MY every move as we started out toward the large city area just ahead. Locating more humans for the army was again the goal. I was hopeful that we could accomplish this task in short order as I found MYSELF missing LiteWorld. So the sooner I collected MY new army the sooner I could go back. We were moving closer to the city staying just outside the heavily populated areas to conceal ourselves as much as possible when the Lite wrote, ” Remember those three hunters? Well I believe they have been busy telling other humans about YOUR presence here.” I looked at the words and asked, “What makes you think that?’  Just then I heard a mechancial noise coming from above and saw a number of flying machines circling overhead. “I think they are looking for YOU!” I read the  words and ran.

As I moved quickly toward a section of a structure that would allow the three of us to avoid being seen from above I realized that all I had to do was make MYSELF reflective….problem solved. Bill and Nora were just two humans and they were not looking for them. As before, making MYSELF reflective happend instantly once I thought about the command. I stepped out from under the hiding place and looked up at the machines. They were moving is a specific pattern, obviously searching for something or someone.

I looked over at Bill and Nora who were just standing a short distance from ME. As I started to move again toward the city I noticed the humans were still standing where I left them. I thought, “you need to move with ME.”….. Nothing happened. “In your reflective state  YOU and I can communicate by thought. However, until the transformation of the humans takes place in LiteWorld, they can only be directed by the words on YOUR cape…not your thoughts.” The Lite’s thoughts stopped ME in MY tracks.


About the Author

Don Musilli started his journey as entrepreneur and businessman. Surveyed the sky above as a private pilot and lived in the sea below as a scuba diver. Looked at the future through the words of Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, Herbert and Ellison. Learned a new way to write technical blogs and make them readable… and then created LiteWorld to extend his journey.

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