LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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44. The Elite

How did I not see that…red circle? The relationship between MYSELF and the Lite was supposed to be singularly symbiotic. “She is special,” the Lite responded. Jolie looked at ME and flashed what looked like a smile across her cape because……because she could hear the Lite too! “She may have been the last to join the Elite, but she will be your wisest choice.”  Again Jolie flashed the smle.

Believing that I was  the only one who could diectly interract with the Lite had given ME some comfort. After all, the Lite was essential for the purpose of the journey. In a sense I felt betrayed. I thought this was a unique relationship…and now MY thoughts with the Lite would be shared with someone else. “Why?” I asked the Lite. The lite simply answered..”because.”

Planning the exit from LiteWorld and the final phase of the journey was now the most important issue at hand. The new Nano implants gave me direct contact with anyone or all of the Elite at any one time. With the exception of Jolie. She would have access to MY thoughts everytime I projected one…to anyone. I could present the new plan to the Elite as whole unit but decided to select out MY five Captains, give them the instructions and then let them use the chain of command to inform their individual packs.

“This is the first part of the last phase of our journey,” the five captains were looking in MY direction. “We left your home world from the land area you called America. We will not return there. We will open the light rip again and enter your world in an area you call  the Middle East. This is close to the final destination but more importantly it is an area that was one of the two origins of your race. The other location, which is also the final destination, will be revealed to you at another time. For now, the less you know about that final desination, the better. Although our collectve and individual powers are a match for any force  or group we may encounter, your capture, should it happen, could jeopardize our mission. Any questions?” I waited and received no response from the five captains telling ME they understood. Even Stan said nothing which surprised ME. I think he was still trying to understand his own transformation.

The Elite were slowly understanding their overall powers and it was interesting to watch them use their reflective devices and project words on their Lite Papr covered capes spelling out phrases and making symbols and even simulated once used hand gestures. Some of them with the hand in fist form with only one finger showing. Jolie was having fun making herself disappear, walk undetected to another area and then reappear. Even though all the Elite shared this capability for some reason they found her’s entertaining. The one thing they were forbidden to do was use the power of the Lite Ring until they had time to practice. As a single Entity the Lite Ring wielded great power. Multiply that times 50 and….




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