LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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52. The Measure Of The Moment

The  two prone spiritual guides were still yelling something …..or perhaps praying, in Arabic. They were speaking so fast it was hard to tell what they were saying. We still had a few hours before the third guide would be able to communicate with us.  I had contacted the other three Elite packs and told them to meet us here. The Lite believed these were the guides we were looking for, so getting our group back together quickly and informing the guides of our mission was the only thing that now mattered.

The Arabian horse men, who were previously off their horses, were back on again and looking for us. Being reflective and hiding in plain site was still our best option but we needed some place to talk to the guides. The courtyard was walled on three sides, open to the street. One of the walls formed a corner with a small building that had a door facing the courtyard. I told Stan to take a few of his pack and check it out. If they found anyone just use the Lite Ring and put them to sleep…and not to take Jolie. “Right boss.” I’m sure Stan was smiling when he said that.

Within moments of Stan and three Elite entering through the door way there were four Lite Ring flashes. “All clear boss.” I had Bill’s pack bring the three guides into the building and then stand guard outside to watch for both the horse men and our other three Elite packs. Four humans were all lying on the floor in the corner of the small room. The two alert guides looked at them, then looked around and then at their still asleep brother. They both sat down crossed legged on the floor and then, one at a time, began to speak. The smaller of the two guides spoke first. “Who are you and how is it we can’t see you?” It seemed they were ready to talk, so it was time for us to reveal ourselves.

I told the Elite to reveal themselves slowly. As we did I thought that perhaps I would use the Lite Papr on MY cape first to explain our intentions and second  that we had a way to communicate with them using a simple thought process. I spelled out the words in Arabic and made sure they read them and hoped they understood what I was telling them. Again, they looked at each other then at us and then shook their heads up and down. I thought, as did the Lite, that perhaps this time the guides would listen to what we had to say.

We understand the teachings of Mohammed are the basis for both your spiritual soul and your social being. And while you have used these spiritual guidelines to preach for the good will of men, you have also used them as the ill will of men. You have misused the teachings in a way to subordinate gender and class of YOUR followers and tried to create enemies of the Qu’ran where there were none. You have twisted the meanings in a way that justifies your use of the teachings for power not for glory. The passages we bring you were removed shortly after Mohammed died. These teachings need to be reinserted for your own good and the survival of the people of this planet.”


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