LiteWorld is a blog-novella: a story based in fiction that mirrors a story based in fact. Follow the journey of the Entity and the coming new world of Lite & Technology.

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57. Talk Of A Peaceable Kingdom

The sand was scattered with animals and humans all in the prone position. Parts of the flying machines were everywhere.¬† Jolie’s Lite was significantly more powerful than MINE. I had the Elite check to make sure no other animal or human was in the immediate area. With the Elite Captains reporting all clear I instructed the packs to head North toward our next and final destination. Jerusalem would be about two days journey. Longer than I wanted to take but we had no choice. We would need to be cautious. In no uncertain terms…we were now a hated and hunted enemy.

“I have been thinking about what we need to say to the soon to be found Holy Men,” the comments from the Lite somewhat startled ME as I was still thinking about what had just happened. “Whatever you say,” I was now paying attention, “it needs to be accepted by the Holy Men as true. If they react like the Spiritual Guides, our journey will not end well….for anyone.” The Lite responded, “I am going to take a different approach using familiar words and phrases and hopefully get them to recognize the foundation of their religion is not as solid as they believe. This is what I will tell them.

“For centuries, the traditional understanding has been that Judaism came before Christianity and that Christianity separated from Judaism some time after 70 CE. The truth is, that premise is not correct. The two are in fact, one in the same. For at least the first three centuries of their common lives, Judaism and Christianity in all its forms were part of one complex religious family, twins is a womb, contending with each other for identity and precedence, but sharing with each other the same spiritual food as well.

The introduction of Jesus as son of God and savior to all sinners was the beginning of what is now known as Christianity. That this story has held together this many centuries is astounding. A group of Jews who wanted to separate and take their belief structure in another direction actually created the character of Jesus and his birth right to give credibility to the foundation of Christianity. This process took place about the same time as Mohammed was heading up his own religious kingdom. Again, the goals of these two religions were more similar than separate. Yet, here we are today using these three religious structures; Judaism, Christianity and Islam¬† to support and justify everything we do, including killing each other. All three have the same base root…the human soul…separated more by geography than genealogy.”

The Lite had been around when these three religions, a basis for human interaction on this planet, were founded. The other important constant was the presence of nanomaterials in these two places on earth. The Lite was aware of the nanomaterial but did not or could not connect the dots between the location of this material and the locations of the religious foundations. It could be that the little one….the one with the other Lite, could have the answer to this question. Is there a connection? In a short time we would all know the answer.


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