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64. The Power, The Glory Of Us

The possibility that Jesus was married and had children or that he and Mary Magdalene had been more than friends was an on-again off-again discussion amongst some Biblical scholars. Most Christians refused to believe their relationship was more than platonic but this concept could have some acceptance by a minority of Christians. The reference to a dual-gender based God, however, was a more difficult sell and one the Holy Men were now resisting.

“If indeed these messages we are seeing are accurate,” the taller of the three Holy Men was now speaking, “why bring this to us at this time in our history? Is there something special about the timing and if so what makes you think we could affect any change even if we believed this new information to be true?”

I was still standing in front of the three men. The Lite, MY Lite, answered. “The technology to communicate to all humans on this planet at one time has never been better. Even in the very remote areas, digital communications is available in some form or another. And it can be done in all languages simultaneously. In addition, even though there seem to be major differences between the Christians, Jews and Muslims..they are all based upon the same historical religious foundations. The only exceptions are those humans who believe in the more philosophical based constructs…and that constitutes a good portion of the human population.”

The one Holy Man who had spoken earlier was about to say something but the Lite stopped him. ” Before you say anything, let me continue with this line of reasoning. Aside from what was just mentioned, the current conditions on this planet that are based on religious differences are destroying your civilization piece by piece. At no other time in your planet’s history has some much hatred, death, destruction of property, and divisiveness controlled almost every aspect of your daily lives. All because of fervent religious believes based on half-truths and unquestioned faith. For those reasons, and it should be obvious to you,  the time to affect change is now.”

The spokes person for the Holy Men made a request. ” We would like to take some time to discuss this amongst ourselves. Trying to internalize this information will take some time and we are not sure how we or all of us would even begin the process of presenting this material. Let alone by whom and where.” The Lite responded. “Take one of your hours to discuss this. We will need to leave here soon to avoid confrontation with the humans. You will have more time to think about this when you get to meet with the Spiritual Guides and come up with a  mutual plan to suit both groups.”

“What?” This time it was one of the other Holy Men who spoke up. “You expect us to work with the followers of Mohammed?” MY Lite was about to break into his speech when the other two Holy Men pulled him aside. There was a heated discussion then the original spokesman calmly addressed us again. “Our spiritual brother did not realize the irony of his statement. We are all still trying to wrap our minds and hearts around this new information. It will be interesting to see how the followers of Mohammed are dealing with this.”

I thought to MY Lite. “Maybe we should tell them about the Spiritual Guides?’ A few moments passed. The response was short, “not now.”


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